Well, to be honest with you...
Ever hear anybody use that phrase ?
Of course you have, we all have and it's kind of silly when you think about it, right ?
(And...why would anyone be LESS than honest anyhow ?!?!)

So who are we lying to most of the time=> could it be that we mostly lie to ourselves ?

Is this a bad thing somehow ?
Yes - completely; because usually we are not fooling anyone besides ourselves.
Even if the others we try to fool pretend they believe us, they usually know better right then or will know better sometime very soon - and then things get even worse for us.

So who cares anyhow - and why would it matter if we did care ?
Well, if we as a species wish to keep on living this is likely a very important little detail.
In fact, unless we get over thinking we can lie about anything, anytime we want, we're likely to be the next ones to go like the dinosaurs did...

Another little detail that seems to be all over the place right now has a really fancy name=>
Cognitive dissonance.
You can easily look it up on the internet so here's just one possible, quick explanation:
It's like when smokers believe that their smoking is OK even though they know they're coughing all day long, having trouble getting enough air, and making others sick with it.

This is mentioned here because of it's relationship with truthfulness.
You see, when there is constant cognitive dissonance going on, folks get so confused that they can no longer tell naturally between what is truthful and what is NOT.

This can make folks seem like liars when they're actually suffering from terrible confusion.
And these folks ARE suffering for real; it is very stressful and can be very painful to live in a severely conflicted and confused state - even for a short while.

Some examples of things which cannot possibly be true, but which too many folks simply accept unquestioningly - usually to their own diminishment:

The above are merely obvious things from the time we are living in; there are an uncountable amount of others which are easily seen from daily living; for example, when anyone looks into the dental benefits of sodium flouride they find there are none, and that it is actually a highly toxic industrial waste. (Then why is it in toothpastes ?!?)

The point of all this is that there are many terrible untruths and if we just accept things without question it is likely that we will put ourselves in the path of harm - and then we will not even understand what is harming us afterwards.

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