The earth beneath our feet.
Most folks are unaware of how very important plain old dirt is to all living creatures.
Even what most of us call it; 'dirt'=> something to sweep up and then throw away.

But without healthy earth, nothing grows, there can be no nourishment.

As a species we've been growing and growing and growing for centuries - and at the same time consuming and displacing what we need so desperately in order to have good, healthy lives.

The all-important ideas here are minerals and pollution.

Plants and animals can survive for some time in very mineral-short conditions.
The best way to disguise such shortages is done with fertilizers which allow plants to grow anyways.
Unfortunately, over time everything further up the food-chain suffers decreasing health as results of this.

Pollution can be even more serious.
In earth which is growing plants well enough, many pollutants can linger almost forever and be in those plants too.
Really healthy looking, pretty vegetables can contain deadly stuff because of growing that way.
This invisible movement can be a real threat to any creatures which eat such plants.
When food-animals are fed plant materials grown from polluted earth, it keeps moving up the food chain.

Ultimately it must reach the top of the food-chain, and most likely we all know which species lives up there, right ?

Created by a peaceful inhabitant who loves this planet and all the other peaceful beings it is shared with.
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