The everywhere.
But is it good air, or scary air ???

Some time back there was a huge wildfire many hundreds of miles away that went on for a long time.
Nothing was burning like that anyplace around here, but the smoke from that area managed to cross all those hundreds of miles and was so thick that it dimmed the daylight here.

Even the fish in the seas need good air.

The biggest polluters of our air go unmentioned and unknown; they are huge things, but ignored.

Air pollution is really a matter of scale - so that when there are many, many cars, trucks and busses it may be seen, BUT:
We mostly don't see the gigantic ships travelling the seas, and the pollutions being made by huge buildings and factories.
Those things use engines and boilers the size of big houses which burn colossal amounts of unclean fuels.

Many times even if we do see these things, the pollutions cannot easily be seen for a number of reasons.
A smokestack that is billowing out clear, invisible pollutions is not dramatic like one belching out thick, black smoke, but that does not mean all that stuff is somehow 'safe' for living creatures to breathe and to live in.

For example, much has been said about coal as a fuel; but almost no mention is made of #6 oil.
It is a tar-like substance which must be heated to at least 120°F to flow through pipes so it can then be burned.
This is the muddy, sludgy stuff left-over from refining all the lighter stuff out of crude oils.

#6 oil is a very popular fuel for ships and for huge industrial/commercial boilers.
It's very common for someplace like a small hospital to use 10,000 - 50,000 gallons of this tarry oil per week, all year long.
When it is burned as cleanly as possible, it's exhaust is almost clear, but if a living creature tried to breathe this pollution directly they would be killed very quickly.

Skyscrapers in cities are big users of polluting fuels for heating, cooling and hot water.
Most folks do not realize that most such buildings are all sealed up so they use huge machines for all these functions.
Also, they have chimneys way up where they cannot be seen which makes their pollutions impossible for most to see.

These are just a few examples of this terrible and invisible threat to all living beings on our planet.

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