The tricky page.
Yes, the button says 'super' and it doesn't mean 'supper' either.
Well OK, super-what then...sorry for being's for=> Super BAD.

This category of things is the sort that just a teeny-tiny bit of it will do someone in.
(Like what, you say ? Glad you asked.)

Mercury is a perfect example because it's deadly poisonous forever.
Used to be that all the glass fever thermometers had mercury in 'em.
Nowadays all you do is go to the $1 store and you can fill your cart with CFL bulbs.
Great stuff too - makes light for much cheaper - but DO NOT break even ONE of 'em.
Why ? Each one has some mercury in it and it MUST be properly disposed of so it doesn't cause any pollution or severe illnesses or even deaths.
This is a pretty bad thing for such a common household item, right ?

Compared with some other stuff though, mercury is like...nothing.
Each atomic bomb site or atomic powerplant has enough seriously deadly stuff in it to kill every warm-blooded living being on this planet many times over.

There are gasses of sulphur which come out of cracks in the earth that can kill in very tiny amounts, and they are completely natural too; so not all the real baddies are man-made.

Many of the very complex chemicals invented in recent decades are incredibly deadly; but often those products are even less deadly than the wastes made in their processing.

Used to be that folks thought cyanide was super-bad stuff, but it turns out that you can find it right in the seeds of some fruits, growing there quite naturally.

If we, as a species, allow too much of the super-bad stuff to get out & about; making the air, water & earth too poisonous for living on anymore, then it's too late, isn't it ?
Superman will not be coming along to 'save' us from our own super-bad stuff.

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