Water. Oh my.
Any discussion about water can go on and on and on because it is so very important and it is so needed by all living creatures and really it is also needed by just about everything in our fragile world.

For example, most of the bodies of living mammals are mostly water - kind of like living bags of water, yes ?
Because water, and our bodies are so very much alike, water should be very, very, very dear to us.
It is so very sad that mostly it is not - and mostly it's ignored and taken for granted.

Ask most folks where the water in their house comes from and goes to after it is used, and it is likely the answer will be:
"Pipes. It comes from the pipes, and goes away in the pipes."

Seriously now:
Do you know EXACTLY where your tap water comes from BEFORE it gets to your street, basement, or kitchen sink ???

Most folks, even if they live in the same place for decades never do know this important fact.
Water is a thing that nobody ever misses until there ain't any to be had. And speaking of which...very much like air=>

The greatest dangers to our needed water supplies are also mostly unseen and not thought about at all.

Two examples show this very easily:

Commerce and industry use mind-boggling amounts of fresh, clean water for making steam and for process cooling.
The water used in those ways is regarded as a mere business expense and it usually goes to sewage after a single use.
Big buildings frequently have huge, hidden fresh water uses as well, which again drain off as sewage.

Flush toilets. Sound silly ? Think a second now=> every house in America has at least one toilet, and many businesses have dozens of them, and schools do also.
Most toilets now in use consume 2.5 to 5 gallons of fresh water PER FLUSH.
Do the math...a school with 500 children who 'go pee' a bunch of times daily and flush away gallons of water per each few ounces of pee - and that was perfectly good water that was fit for drinking which then becomes...sewage.

OK, so consider sewage - what's the deal with that ?

Again, most folks simply do not know what happens with sewage, it just goes to a mythical place called 'away'.

Sadly, 'away' is a process used since ancient times; the 'stuff' is settled out, the water allowed to digest the rest, and what remains is dumped, usually into some river which goes out to some body of saltwater.
Did you follow that ? Read it again if you need to...do you get it ?
We've been sending our most precious and dearly needed resource to places almost impossible to reclaim - and no - it isn't coming back anyplace near enough as rains - and we've done this for time beyond the counting.
(One may easily say that we are literally 'flushing our lives away'.)

These are ALL just simple things which would be obvious IF anyone bothered to look.

What makes this even sadder is that there do exist very smart, simple ways to avoid almost all that waste, if folks cared more about water and less about money or 'the yuck factor'.

Created by a peaceful inhabitant who loves this planet and all the other peaceful beings it is shared with.
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