Careful !!! It's not safe !!!
As a youngster (many years ago) I rode my bicycle whenever the season & weather was good for it. I never even ONCE wore, or owned any kind of bicycle helmet.
As a teenager I rode a bicycle to my jobs, sometimes 10-15 miles distant, the same way.
If someone had suggested this idea to me I'd have openly laughed at it, quite reasonably.
(Middle schoolers smoked on school busses too, and the drivers said nothing to them.)

Later still, in operating cars & trucks a great many simply were not made with seatbelts.
People often drank alot of whisky and drove drunk - but even if stopped for a traffic offense they were not penalized for it at all (could have been the cop had a few with his lunch too...).

People lived - people died - pretty much just as they still do today - but they cared ALOT less about 'safety' then compared to people living today.

So what's really any different now, from then ?

Bicycle helmets, seatbelts & police fining folks being 'unsafe' have not helped this at all.

Perhaps if people want a safer world, they may care to start with eliminating the pollutions to things which ALL living beings require - and also doing away with other things that can be lived without that carry prices of horrific destruction like weapons of war and sources of electricity which can render an entire country uninhabitable for ALL time when they go bad.

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