Our Fragile World
We all live here, it's the only one we've got.

Our Home is in trouble. Can you feel it ? Do you see it ?

We've been careless; yes US, not the birds or the bees or the monkeys.

Do we still have a chance to make things better ? Do enough of us care to bother ?

Things are debated constantly and all sorts of plans are discussed, most of them centered upon $$$ instead of the good of our only Home.

There are things which might help just by NOT doing them anymore.
Also many, many things which we take for granted without any thought.

This little site is here to try and point out some of those things we don't usually think about at all.

Perhaps it is time for us to seriously look and to think and even to act ???

This site is NOT a 'feel good' site; maybe one might call it a 'do good' site.
If you want to hate it - go right ahead - but if you do - kindly visit another site rather than getting hostile or vindictive here.
This planet has seen too much violence, anger and hate for about as long as we've lived on it already.
It's time to "GROW UP OR DIE" as Bill Maher said in his recent documentary...and that also means that it's time to quit fighting like a bunch of neanderthals (just with bigger, more deadly weapons) if we'd like to be around much longer.

Having said the above though, this must be added:
The subjects of politics, religion, psychology, eating habits, addictions, etc., etc., etc. are ALL being left out of this site very much on purpose.

There is no blog or forum on this site. Comments may be made elsewhere if any must be made.
Links to off-site places for this will be provided, as well as a guestbook and the means to contact the site's creator via both of these off-site places.

Endless argument is one of the PROBLEMS our species is VERY attached to; it is NOT any solution for the problems we've already created.

Like it or not - this planet which is our home and it's inhabitants are already in very deep doodoo, and it's our species which has consumed, poisoned, burned and killed everything into the mess we can see so clearly (if we will just bother to look and be honest about what we can so easily see...)

Created by a peaceful inhabitant who loves this planet and all the other peaceful beings it is shared with.
Copyright/copywrong = NONE.